park bench Nippon Ebe

park bench Nippon Ebe

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Park bench Nippon Ebe is a bench which is massive but floatingly airy making it a perfect fit also for public lobbys. Being exclusively representative and correctly modest at the same time Nippon Ebe is compatible with both modern architecture and historical space.
It is the clear and simple perfection which makes Nippon Ebe so versatile.

  • Unpretentiously clean and minimalistic design.
  • Balanced shape with an extremely balanced and refi ned legs.
  • Its simplicity makes it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • A clever solution that hides all the fastening details and ensures pure surfaces.
  • The stainless steel metal construction is excellent for rust resistance and aesthetics.
  • EXTERY uncompromising quality - harmonious design, carefully selected materials and engineering considered to the last detail.
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Thermo-treated ash, OC-010
Siberian larch, OC-706
Tropical wood, natural
Stainless steel
  • Free-standing on a firm base.
  • Anchored to a firm foundation.

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